Marine Refrigeration

Actware has successfully worked with the shipping industry for the past fifteen years. Focus has been on developing solutions for automation for cargo refrigeration ships. This includes everything from analysis and design to implementation on site.

Applications for marine use are build according to rules stated by the different classification societies. Actware builds systems according to DNV, ABS, NKK, etc.

Actware also services control systems for clients worldwide.

Cargo ship refrigeration

Automation solutions for refrigerated cargo ships are based on distributed process controllers connected to a central Human Machine Interface. Object-oriented approaches are used to design architecture, which is independent of the physical layout of a vessel. This is a key factor for the control system in order to be cost effective. A control system must be designed so it can be installed in any vessel without requiring any major changes or modifications of the control software. A good example of such a system is the Stalectronic 2200 system.

Chiller control and monitoring

Marine chiller units are used both on passenger ships and on cargo ships. Environmental issues have made in-direct brine systems popular on cargo vessels due to the low amount of refrigerant needed. These chiller units must be able to lower the brine temperature to -35 degrees centigrade. Chiller units for passenger ships are different as they often are designed for maintaining a constant water temperature. The solution is most likely three or more chiller units controlled in sequence. The sequence controller is used to take care of the temperature variations due to the continuously changing head load.

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