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Actware is an independent consulting company supplying solutions within the business areas Process Automation and Object Oriented Software Development.

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Actware always has an open mind for challenging projects. We like to actively take part in our client's business as a partner who adds the focus of our minds on a sharp analysis and implementation of a project. Understanding the importance of a professional analysis concerning the necessary skills, risks and time frames, before getting on mastering the challenge.

Successfully completion of challenging projects requires a set of different skills; one such important skill is education. With a M. Sc. in Computer Sience from one of Sweden's leading Universities, the Institute of Technology at the University of Linkoping, Actware builds solutions from ground up based on tested and proven theories. Add on to education years of experience in this area, and you will find that Actware brings strong expertise and experience to build your solutions by incorporating extensive skills and experience to everything we do from initial stages such as requriments, risk assessment and to delivery of completed solutions.

Taking on a challenge, it is important to define the correct project route to follow. Different routs may eventually lead to a solution of the challenge, but it is important to find the most time and cost effective way. Actware finds the ultimate project route by using a vision document and a development process. The process defines how to reach the goals in the vision document by defining who is doing what and when.

The best processes, alone, do not guarantee success in software development. Success also requires the right people to form the project team. It is essential to have people who are able to take advantage of the available processes and the different tools to master the challenge. Actware is the key to your success.

We look forward to being a part of your business.

Thomas Nicklasson M.Sc.

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